Fixit gastro-resistant capsules 300mg




Fixit gastro-resistant capsules 300mg CBD

Our 100% natural formula combining cassava and rosemary with 10mg of CBD is the perfect choice for anyone concerned with the health of their body and mind.

What is Cassava? 

Of Brazilian origin, this tuber rich in carbohydrates and energy virtues is used today as real remedies against inflammatory pain, digestive problems, or for strengthening the immune system. Recognized as an anti-inflammatory, it is recommended for people suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatism and various bodily ailments. Regarding strengthening the immune system, the calcium it contains is excellent for bones and teeth.

What is rosemary? 

This plant of Biblical origin contains many virtues recognized since the dawn of time. From improving digestive health to stimulating cognitive faculties to relieving inflammatory pain, this herb is considered a natural remedy for a wide spectrum of symptoms.

How is CBD effective in treating symptoms of inflammatory pain? 

Endocannabinoid receptors present in the human body play an important role in our nervous system according to several studies. Connected directly to the latter, CBD, whose anxiolytic properties are no longer to be proven, is known to relieve a large number of disorders linked to inflammatory pain. According to several testimonies following prolonged consumption, CBD provides proven and recommended personal soothing. No side effects have been reported by its consumers unlike some drugs available on the market.


Organic hemp plant extract devoid of THC Our CBD is extracted directly from unmodified and organically cultivated plants. We only work with hemp growers who select plants that have a high CBD content and all THC presence is removed during extraction. Therefore, the THC rate does not exceed 0.02% which eliminates all psychoactive reactions while preserving all its benefits. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are 100% natural to achieve full spectrum CBD oil. Without any chemical substance, our oils are free from all heavy metals or solvents. 100% tested production Each product we offer is part of a fully verified production process.From the cultivation process to the final product design, including extraction and purification, all steps are carefully monitored and tested by their laboratories. These tests are then verified and approved by an independent laboratory as proof. We make it a point of honor to verify all this information in order to deliver a product whose taste, purity and potency meet your expectations. Take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Increase the dose in stages according to your feelings.Product type HPMC Gastro-resistant capsules Composition Gum arabic, Cassava syrup, Hypromellose (capsule shell), Linseed oil, Hemp extract (including CBD: 10mg), Ascorbic acid (E300), Rosemary extract (E392) CBD concentration 10mg / Capsule Bottle volume 30 Capsules Food allergens Absence Nutritional value per 100g Energy 0.55 kCal / 2.32kJ, Carbohydrates 0.12g including sugar 0.01g; Proteins 0g; Fat 0.01g, of which saturated fatty acids 0g Directions for Use Take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Increase the dose in stages according to your feelings Precautions for use Product not recommended for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.Before consuming CBD, it is advisable to take advice from your therapist Storage Store at room temperature, protected from light, avoid strong thermal shocks DDM 12 months 0% THC regulation

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